Clear Path for Veterans New England (Clear Path NE) is a 501(c)3 established in 2017 with one mission — to build a safe, supportive and respectful place for Veterans to seek the help and resources they need in order to successfully integrate into their communities. The Family is an integral part of this and the first line of defense in upholding wellness.

Clear Path NE has signed a licensing agreement with Clear Path for Veterans New York and will work in tandem to provide programs and services that mirror their holistic approach to Veteran care. Clear Path NY will provide assistance, training and mentoring to support Clear Path NE to provide programs and services that work.

There has been a growing recognition that we, as a nation, and as individual communities, need to do more to support our Veterans as they leave military service and return to civilian life. Clear Path’s vision is to create a community that understands and supports the journey home for our Veterans and their families and inspires other communities to do the same.